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The theme of this blog is writing and life. And how the two often intersect. It's hard for me to remember a time when I didn't write. When I was seven, my father won a Smith Corona portable typewriter in a poker game. It came with 45 rpm records that taught typing skills. I sat at the kitchen table, found the home keys and began to practice. And I've been writing stories and poems ever since. 

Last weekend I attended my aunt's funeral in Delaware. It was an emotional time for my family, especially my cousins. There are not many passages as painful as losing a mother. And one grief has a way of bringing up all the other losses we've experienced. As I gave my eulogy for my aunt, I mourned my own dead parents and brothers again. But I also realized how fortunate we writers are to be able to put thoughts and feelings into words. Stories have a way of sustaining us through the difficult times in our lives. This much I know to be true. The dead are alive when we think of them. And grief is the price we pay for love. A steep price, but well worth it.  



Marjorie Reynolds
05/01/2013 10:14pm

Sounds as though you have many good, thoughtful stories to tell. I look forward to reading them.

sherry mullens
05/03/2013 7:37am

Some writers have the gift of making life more meaningful through their writings. You have that gift. Can't wait to see more!

Jane Sutherland
05/03/2013 12:18pm

Masterful website, life affirming blog. Can't wait to read more.

05/03/2013 6:22pm

There's much wisdom in what you say about remembering our dearly departed and the price we pay.

Carol Clough
05/03/2013 11:53pm

Enjoyed your blog writings. So sorry for the loss of your Aunt. Had she been sick. Wasn't she one that you were very close to? Give Linda my condolences. We certainly know what and how she is feeling. Glad you could be there for her!

JeanMarie Robertson
05/04/2013 10:03am

Enjoyed your Blog

Patti Sias
05/04/2013 4:09pm

Wish I could paint pictures with my words like you do. You are a very gifted and talented writer.

05/04/2013 4:47pm

Thanks, Patti. A voice from my past. I hope you are well and happy.

toni mucklow
05/05/2013 10:24am

I learned a lot from your words in the past and I hope to read more. Thank you.

Sandy Pedrick
05/06/2013 8:28pm

We are very blessed to have you in our life! We love you very much and your eulogy was beautiful...

Marjorie Reynolds
05/12/2013 9:23pm

Beautiful memories of your mother. You were so lucky to have her and I'm sure she felt the same.

07/12/2013 3:15pm

Susan Domingos
07/13/2013 12:16pm

I especially enjoyed the blog about Lick Creek and the one about your mother. They inspired me. Thank you.


The integral role of the intellectuals is accepted and absorbed. The skills are advanced for the proficiency and efficiency.

01/18/2016 9:52am

How, true my friend. Many of us take solace from this song published in 1919 created by Spanish-American War officer Gordon Johnstone:
I tell you they have not died,
They live and breathe with you,
They walk now, here at your side,
They tell you things are true.
Why dream of poppied sod
When you can feel their breath;
When flowers and soul and God
Know there is no death?
I tell you they have not died,
Their hands clasp yours and mine,
They are now but glorified,
They have become divine.
They live, they know, they see,
They shout with every breath,
"All is Eternal Life,
There is no death!"


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