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A Bend In The Willow was released on January 18.  It has been one heck of a ride. Fun. Exciting. Frightening. The book was published by Tirgearr Publishing, a relatively small publisher out of Dublin. They did a wonderful job with the cover, edits, proof-reading, and getting it listed on many different book selling sites internationally. But, like with so many publishers today, much, if not all of the marketing, falls to the writer.  

We writers tend to be a reclusive bunch, so this felt like a daunting task to me. But with the help of my good friend, Susan Kelly, A Bend In The Willow got off to a great start and was actually one of Amazon's Top 100 Hot New Releases.  

The truth is, no one can buy your book if they don't know it is available. In my last blog, I outlined many of the steps I took to ensure a successful launch.  I set up promotions for that week. Places like: Book Lovers Heaven, Book Goodies, My Book Place,
Ebook Soda, Read Cheaply.  EReader News Today (ENT) is one of the better sights but requires reviews. As soon as I had some reviews in place, I contacted them.  According to my publisher, 162 ENT readers bought the book. 

Now, comes the maintenance phase for A Bend In The Willow. 

A Bend In The Willow will be listed on Kindle Books and Tips on March 14.  http://www.fkbt.com. You may purchase it there for only .99

Starting tomorrow, I've schedule a Book Blitz Tour through Goddess Fish Promotions.  

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March 22: EskieMama and Dragon Lady Reads
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March 24: Long and Short Reviews


My second novel, Redemption Lake, will be released in May. I'm hoping I've learned enough with A Bend In The Willow to successfully launch another book. It isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I promise. 

Thanks for all your support and encouragement during this publishing endeavor.  


03/24/2017 12:29am

Congratulations on the success of your book, A Bend In The Willow. I bet the reviews from Ereader News Today (ENT) were spontaneously written. You deserved more than a thousand buyers. I hope you’ll be able to achieve what you’ve had with your first book to your second installment. I’m excited to hear the good news just as you’ve announced it here. Honestly, I like the cover of your book. It looks like a great painting on a canvas.

03/29/2017 1:23am

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